\"Make-in-India Week\" from February 13 to 18, 2016 in Mumbai

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Highlights of the "Make-in-India Week"will include: 

a. Make in India Center: This will be the platform for exhibiting innovative products and manufacturing processes developed in India along with a vision to leverage design, innovation and technology in the backdrop of global manufacturing. 

b. CNN-Asia Business Forum: Would comprise of a series of seminars, CXO meets and round-tables and networking events on economic challenges, investment opportunities etc. The event would feature Global visionaries, and leaders from the fields of finance, industry and design. 

c. Urban Planning Seminar on re-imagining Mumbai: This session would focus on new impetus for a smarter e-enabled Mumbai collaborating with the best-in-class technology partners. 

d. Hackathon: A 24-hour marathon event where coders, engineers, and designers collaborate intensively for 24 hours to come up with ideas to solve urban design problems. 

e. TIME India Awards: Recognizing excellence in the world of manufacturing), 

f. Empowerment through Design: A day-long forum on rethinking contemporary design practices), 

g. Maharashtra Night: An evening dedicated to the best of media, entertainment, popular culture, and technology from the State of Maharashtra. 

h. Experience India: A street food festival.

i. Exhibitions on art, craft, technology and textiles (Born in Benaras Textile Show) across all museums and art galleries in Mumbai. 

Individual members or delegations interested in participating in this event are requested to register for the event. Details regarding registration and other information on the event can be accessed from: http://www.makeinindia.com/mumbai-week

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